Monday, 29 October 2007

Sky Sports Letters Crisis

Last season on Sky Sports, there always used to be three letters representing any team that was on the telly in the top score box, for example something like AST 1 - POR 2. This was pretty good, as it was easy to tell at a glance what teams are playing. However, this season, it's been rationed down to two. The problem with this is many teams have the same initials. eg.
* BC could be Birmingham City or Bristol City; or
* SU Could be Scunthorpe, Sunderland, or even Southampton.

Often, now, I sit there for five minutes trying to figure out what teams are playing if I'm just flicking or whatever. This is highly irritating. Sky: bring back the extra letter. It was so much easier that way.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Computer's been a bit broken

My computer has been a bit crap recently, to say the least. It only appears to be working in fits and starts. I am working on some articles to post, but I don't know when I'll be able to get them up.

Friday, 12 October 2007

I'm not an artist, but...

...I drew a little cartoon for you people. Here it is:

This Just In: Diana wore a nice dress to a party 12 years ago(rant on the "news"paper Daily Mail)

Okay, what is it with the British obsession with Princess Diana? I mean, 10 years later and there's still bloody headlines about her in the Daily Mail and Daily Express, at least once a week. Yes, I appreciate that Diana did some good in the world, but seriously? Who gives a shit about what dress she wore to a party some years ago or whatever? I mean, at least with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton there might be a new story(though I really don't care about what they are up to, either.) Sigh. Guess I don't understand the mentalilty of the average Daily Mail reader. I'm so depressed. I mean, I wanted to know all about how immigrants were destroying the country and about how gay gypsies were ruining it all--and Britain(YOUR TAXES!!!) is paying for it. Gotta love right-wing scaremongerers. Though yesterday my mother bought the Mail and there was actually a sensible article (about snake oil scammers) in it! I was shocked.

Here's a taste of what was in it yesterday(admittedly this is a cherrypick):
  • How much nicer JK Rowling looks than 7 years ago, yep, that's news. Guess they ran out of Diana stuff to print;
  • Madeleine;
  • The Godly David Cameron(conservative candidate) commenting on how Gordon Brown was a sellout by copying Tory inheritance tax policy, and how this is a good thing because there's no longer a "tax on aspiration" and "allows good Britons to keep their hard earned money"(which is reasonable to some extent, I'm not really far left or anything, but for fuck's sake there's got to be taxes on something...)
  • Conflicting advice over whether pregnant women can have a drink; title kinda implies scientists dunno what they're on about;
  • Diana;
  • Muslim terrorist;
  • Immigrants - this time Polish people.
  • An article about some apparently evil librul academic who slags off everyone.

Of course, at the moment, the story that is running constantly is the Madeleine disappearance. Over and over and over. Sigh. I mean, yes, it is depressing that a girl has disappeared, but 1) it's been overreported on even when there's no developments; 2) lots of other abductions have occured without much mention in the media(oh, but those were immigrants going missing, right?!) Apparently they also ran a creationist article too, recently(it was on at some point, I think).

There is also, always, some CD or DVD free with the Mail, every week. Like Learn Italian in a week or Diana commemorative DVD. Maybe if it's a good one it's the only reason to buy it?

In short: avoid the Daily Mail.

More on The Gop Logo

Sums up what the GOP members have been up to recently, at least.
(Yes. Yes, I know. It's an insult to the rainbow flag.)

Monday, 8 October 2007

Lost In Translation?

Recently, the good ol' GOP unveiled their new logo...

Hilarity ensues on liberal blogs after this, of course. Top 10 Conservative Idiots points out that although this logo has some rather amusing connotations, it was perhaps better than "the Vitter" or "the Craig".

Me? I reckon they made a mistake. I think the message was supposed to read Minneapolis Bathroom Stall, rather than Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Kind of like this(edited version of "the Craig" from above link):

Easy to get those two mixed up, isn't it?