Sunday, 27 January 2008

Video Games Are Evil!

I'm sure you've heard it before: a violent video game caused some previously doe-eyed child to grow up to be a horribly violent, sadistic psychopath. Well, if video games generally considered to be violent can affect people's behaviour, why not ordinary video games, too?

Need For Speed - involves driving in illegal street races and trying to escape pursuits with the cops. Needless to say, I can't drive.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour - involves saving the world by playing children's card games. Except I don't even own any yu-gi-oh cards in real life, let alone use them to save the world or anything heroic like that.

Final Fantasy Tactics - In this game, you move characters around a board and perform actions such as attack, magic, etc with them. Clearly a bad influence.

Guitar Hero series - Devil's music. Enough said.

And anyway, how broadly are we to define "violent video game"? Many video games are "violent" in the sense that they involve killing people, even if they're not gory. Eg:

Age of Empires - a historical game where you can be different civilisations who pillage other civilisations. Oh, wait, usually people who are againt violent video games want to drag us back through history and think imperialism is good. My bad.

In my view, even if there is a correlation between violent video games and violence, it's like saying there's a correlation between who plays FIFA and football fans. Well, you're less likely to want to play FIFA if you're a non-football fan!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Birmingham City vs. Chelsea - A Kind-Of Match Report

Jammy Villa Chelsea Bastards!

The first thing I noticed about this match were the absolutely florescent Chelsea kits. They stood out a mile. Seriously, if you're ever worried about getting run over because somebody didn't see you at night, buy one of these kits. Picture at the Sky Sports match report.

In my view, we deserved to win this game. We definitely did not deserve to lose, but that's the way it usually goes against the big teams(exceptions: Arsenal last week; Liverpool a lot of the time we play them). We were terribly unlucky not to score through Jerome more than once. Chelsea didn't really do a lot. Even when they had possession they didn't really go anywhere. We played really well. Watch us play crap against Derby in the next home game now.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Vegetarian Agenda

The Vegetarian Agenda is incredibly pervasive in our society. They all hope to convince us that animals are equal to human beings - the ultimate in blasphemy against our Lord Jesus Christ, as the Bible tells us that we have utter dominion over the animal kingdom, in the same way a man has dominion over his helpmeet. Their agenda has never been more clear then in the recent spate of children's films containing anthropomorphic animals. Films such as this aim to present a misleading image of animals to children.
In these films, animals are able to talk and display rationality. Every adult knows that this view isn't true, but children are indoctrinated into this viewpoint by the pretty graphics and animation made possible by modern technology.
Their portrayal of human nature is also highly inaccurate. For example, in the film Open Season, which is about hunting of a bear released into the wild, a "hick" Southern American hunter was displayed as cruel and stupid when every good Christian knows that this man is a moral citizen upholding his right to bear arms. On the other hand, the bear's trainer, a woman who refused to submit to a man and wore ungodly shorts was portrayed as a moral person. This woman is obviously a tool--not just of the vegetarian agenda but of the lesbian agenda.
Another recent film with this kind of theme was Ratatouille, a movie about a rat who wanted to cook in exquisite kitchens. Firstly, to display mere animals as having any sort of thing called "desire" is absurd. What next, are the liberals going to tell us that machines can "want" to use the internet and run word programs? Secondly, everybody knows that rats are vile and carry germs --they're almost as disease-ridden as those depraved homosexuals are. Call me a speciesist, but I don't want either rats or AIDS-plagued homos anywhere near anything on my plate.
Another prominent example was the film Over The Hedge, an immoral flick which promotes stealing as a moral activity. I mean, it's not like the animals were televangelists providing a wonderful service to their flock! Over and over again, they ransack human dwellings. This film, as well as promoting the vegetarian agenda of equality for animals, also promotes the liberal agenda of the welfare state -- take what you want, we'll just tax hardworking American citizens to pay for your out-of-wedlock children. This film will lead to an increase in crime as children are taught that stealing things is just fine, when in reality they should be put to death for crimes against the Lord.

What can YOU do? Well, firstly, boycott these films and all cinemas that show them. Secondly, pass this article on to family and friends, but be careful - the liberals are watching you. Don't let your child see one of these films -- it may change them, not only into hippie do-gooder liberals, but into every parent's worst nightmare - a homosexual. Before you realise what's happened your kid will be taking it up the ass from dirty old men and going to anti-war and anti-vivisection rallies while living off the welfare state before finally dying of AIDS. Consider yourself warned, and make sure that your child sees not even a trailer of any debauched film like these.

This article has two comments:

Barbara, Texas
I'm a little worried -- once I let my child see Chicken Run. Is the decline into depravity inevitable?

Bob, Alabama
Preach on in the name of the LORD! you knows what's goin on. i think that the libbies have been watchin my house and monioring my foxnews watrching habits, theyre out dere alrite.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008