Thursday, 10 April 2008

Video Games Are Evil! Part 2

Just a quick post with more on the video games make kids imitate them. I recently bought this game called Canis Canem Edit, otherwise known as Bully. This is a videogame that people who hate violent videogames dont like, because it is about a 15 year old boy at a rough school and you do things like beat people up and you can skip lessons and be impudent to teachers and so on, and missions in the game sometimes involve stuff like vandalism. Anyway, both me and my brother have been playing on this game(a LOT!) which, to be fair, contains some content my brother actually could transfer to a real-life scenario cos he's still at school, except for the part where he's considered to be pretty much a model pupil and is acually becoming a youth marshal next year. I was actually far more rebellious at school than my brother, and that was before this videogame came out. So it must be said I have an anti-video-games-make-you-psychotic anecdote, just to counter the ones thrown out there by whoever throws em out there.

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