Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Spice Girls: Cause Of Britain's Flood!

Birmingham, England--Church people say that the recent flooding in Britain has been due to the fact that the Spice Girls had been planning to return there for a gig in London.

"The abysmal quality of the so-called "music" is definatly responsible," said Reverend Michael, a spokesperson for the Church of Godly Minor Keys, "the catawalling of the CDs dug out by fans for that 90's nostalgia directly caused the wrath of our Lord."

"The Almighty Lord always hated the Spice Girls," he continued, "as they represent all that is wrong with modern society--the immorality and debauchery that they embrace, but most importantly the way they sing. Have you HEARD it? God was always more of a classic rock fan."

Another spokesman, Rev. Hurst said, "If you want the flooding to stop, destroy your Spice Girls nostalgia, boycott the gig and rock out to some Zeppelin."

Forecasters predict an increase in sales of Led Zeppelin IV.

(Reply to Bishops blame gays for floods)

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