Wednesday, 4 July 2007

World Net Daily and "Quitting" Homosexuality

Yesterday, I discovered this World Net Daily article when somebody on a message board I sometimes use brought the topic up.
If you don't want your eyes to get polluted by the WND website, the article basically talks about a man, Mike Glatze, who claims that he has left the gay lifestyle and is no longer a homosexual. I felt obliged to tell the people in this debate that the evidence suggests you can't change your sexual oreintation, though some of them seemed to think testimony was more reliable than scientific evidence(not that surprising, sadly).

Here's a few comments on the article:

"In his column, Glatze doesn't mince words, calling homosexual sex purely "lust-based," meaning it can never fully satisfy.
"It's a neurotic process rather than a natural, normal one," he writes. "Normal is normal – and has been called normal for a reason.""

Firstly, how does he know all homosexual sex is lust based? Just because HIS gay sex was, does not mean everyone else's it. "Normal", well depends on how you want to define it.

"Just before leaving, not fully realizing what he was doing, he wrote on his office computer his thoughts, ending with the declaration: "Homosexuality is death, and I choose life.""

Cos Gays hve teh AIDS, lolz!!!111!
Seriously, I don't understand. Homosexuality is death? Last time I checked, I still have a pulse.

"Glatze said he thought opponents of homosexual activism were "mean and crazy, and they wanted to hurt me.""

THAT makes more sense, judging on a lot of rabid fundies.

It almost seems from the article that he had some underlying issues, like he's been raised in a religious manner and couldn't quite get over it.

Mike, after you get over that initial euphoria of God supposedly healing you only to realise you're still gay, don't make the mistake other people have made. Don't continue to pretend. It's not worth it.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading once, in an anti-gay article, that some fundie ex gay thought he was cured, even though he still had to "pray mightily every day" to suppress the homosexual thoughts. But he was married, so he must be okay now. Sigh.

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