Saturday, 29 September 2007

Richard Cohen's book Coming Out Straight

Richard Cohen has a book called Coming out Straight about his methods of therapy. On his website, there is an excerpt from this book on what causes homosexaulity. So I'm going to look at the factors, and see how many fit:


Inherited Wounds: Okay, this idea is just plain kooky. It seems to be the idea that we inherit problems from our ancestors. Being as I don't believe we do, I don't think this idea applies.


Hypersensitive: I don't think that this one applies, either.

High-Maintenance: Nope.

Artistic Nature: Kind of. I write music and lyrics and am imaginative though I struggle to put stories into words. I'm not particularly good at drawing either, though I like to doodle and design things.

Gender Nonconforming Behaviours: Some when I was younger, although I also played with stereotypically "girly" toys too. Never been very sporty, though.


Apparently this means being too close to the opposite sex parent. Because apparently, a parent being too loving or nurturing exists. Thus, I don't reckon this applies.


I don't have these. At all. I think Richard Cohen was just making shit up.


Put-downs and name calling: Okay, I admit I have suffered from these, but let's be honest, what person hasn't?


Admittedly, I did get a bit teased because I didn't have breasts and everyone else did. I also happen to be really skinny, apparently that can make you gay.




Okay I have had some of these things happen, but I think everybody has suffered from name-calling somewhat as a child.


Apparently, learning that homosexaulity is a normal natural behaviour constitutes "cultural wounds". News to me. I dunno, I'd have thought learining homosexaulity is evil, demonic, unnatural, and caused by poor parenting is more damaging to someone. Apparently, pornography can corrupt someone's mind. Look, obviously it is inappropriate for children, but I don't think it is going to make most children mentally disturbed.(I've never watched any porn, btw, so this one doesn't apply.)


Divorce: Parents still happily married, so no.

Intrauterine experiences: The idea that things can be remembered in the womb is sheer hocus pocus bunkum.

Adoption: Nope.

Religion: Well, yes, I rejected my parents religious beliefs, but not because I rejected my parents.

Also, masturbation apparently is done by a gay person to try and fix their supposed brokenness. I dunno, I just thought people masturbated because it was fun ;).

According to Mr. Cohen, pretty much anyone could be gay. I mean, name calling leads to homosexuality? In other words, either the whole planet is gay, or Ricahrd Cohen's ideas are just wrong. It's your choice folks!

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Jr. said...

What a cute parlor trick. "Hey everyone, look! Richard is doing that thing with the gay people again! Repressive therapy, reparative therapy, something like that. Come see, he has playing cards!"

This is like my being psychic. If I say vague enough things, and they apply to generally everything, well, I predict that Wednesday will have.... weather.

Anonymous said...

I would like to somehow get in touch with Richard because I am wanting to come out the gay life and i believe God can use him to help me get healed!!

Anonymous said...

It's not just ONE factor. It's a group of factors. And he's not against homosexuals or homosexuality. There ARE people out there that have developed homosexual desires because of these factors. Is there anything wrong with it? No. Equality and UNDERSTANDING for all. If someone wants to understand why they've developed the feelings they've developed than they have that right. And through understanding and therapy, yes, they can EVOLVE. Homosexuals are just as bad as the religious nuts. You're suppose to be open minded but you guys view sexuality so black and white. Jeez.