Sunday, 15 June 2008

David Davis and 42 Days

The British parliament recently voted to extend the time a possible terror suspect can be kept in jail without charge from 28 days to 42 days. Let me just say that I think this is ridiculous legislation and is completely unreasonable; because it's without charge anyone could declare anyone a "terror suspect" and lock 'em up for 42 days. Look a bit too Muslim in this country and that's what could happen.

Anyway, the Tory David Davis doesn't like this desision, and fair enough, totally agree with him on the principle that this is a violation of civil liberties. However, I disagree with the way he has chosen to express his opinion on this matter: by resigning. For a start, how are you going to change people's opinion or make any real difference at all by quitting your position of authority? It is completely nonsensical. Of course, he is standing again in the by-election, but of course there's no guarantee he'll get back in(though it's likely he will).

Here, however, is a quote from Mr. Davis: "I chose to spend my time as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, focussing on getting value for every pound of taxpayers' money spent, on the delivery of high quality public services - practical issues that people care about." (,9290,-1329,00.html)
So, getting yourself(likely) re-elected in a pointless by-election is the best use you could think of taxpayers' money, when you could have just remained in your seat? My backside. Hypocrit.

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