Thursday, 5 June 2008

Pet Peeves #3

Pet Peeves 3: The Best Cure For "Feral" Youth Is To Give 'Em Guns!

You know the sort of thing. "Teenagers today have no respect for their elders! A good stint in boot camp would sort 'em out!"

Firstly, making people go in the army is against their right to own personal choice. I suppose the case could be made if there was some sort of emergency, but otherwise? Hell no. Not only this, but we are talking about teens here who are portrayed as disaffected, violent, uneducated, disrespectful binge-drinkers, I'm sure making them take a career path they don't want is going to make them respect you. And I'm sure the way to lower the rates of violent crime among these youth is to teach them how to use weapons. I mean, is it opposite day again people?

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