Monday, 13 August 2007

And The Catholic Church Calls ME Tendency Towards Moral Evil?

Just seen this article about the Catholic Church opposing Amnesty International because, horror of horrors, they support rape victims having access to abortions. As we all know, The Catholic Church is a fountain of intolerance. It cares NOTHING for people; all it cares about is its doctrine. What does the Church give a shit if women are ostracised from their communities because of a rape pregnancy? "Doesn't affect me, in my damn ivory tower, does it?" Why should the Church give a damn if millions of people die of HIV/AIDS due to their point of view on condoms? "It's what God wants, after all!" Cos I'm totally sure that a compassionate God hates homosexuals and wants people to die unnecessarily.

The Catholic Church is the one that is suffering from a lack of morality, not Amnesty International, who should continue to stand up against these abhorrent men of "holiness".


Jr. said...

Heheh. God also wants them to ravage young boys' anuses. ZING.

The thing with Catholicism is, unlike mainstream Christianity which undeniably has been changing (for better or worse), Catholicism hasn't changed since, oh, the Renaissance. Plus Benedict XVI can't seem to pay attention to what he says when he speaks for God, and doesn't care who he offends.

Infallibility wasn't a very good idea.

Anonymous said...

If the Pope is infallible, it doesn't mean he's making mistakes. It just means that whatever he just said is now true.

Lith said...

But what do they do if the new Pope contradicts the old ones? lol.