Monday, 20 August 2007

Richard Cohen's "Alfie's Home"

Richard Cohen is an ex-gay leader, and he has some very strange ideas, to say the least. He believes that homosexuality can be cured by smashing stuff with tennis rackets and "remembering" suppressed childhood abuse. Well, one time, this guy wrote a book...a book for children. <--are the rather creepy pictures. It is illustrated as if for very young children, people around the age of 5 or so. But the themes are totally, totally inappropriate. It discusses child molestation, ex-gay therapy and even contains the word "faggot." Definitely NOT suitable for any child. What sort of 5-year old thinks about their sexual orientation anyway?

[originally saw this linked on Box Turtle Bulletin--hat tip]


Jr. said...

-violent shudder-

I'm glad they let crazy people write books nowadays, but children's books? Seriously? "Ex-gays" shouldn't be telling children anything about who they are, because clearly they haven't accepted themselves. WTF.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the book on the link you provided I see that it lets the person know that certain touches are wrong - every child should know that. Even before age 5.
And, there are children who do have questions about sexuality...even at that age. Perhaps if more people were aware the issue could be addressed at a young age...but what is more innapropriate is the rage and hatred that comes with most religions. correct, we shouldn't tell children who they are, we should be finding out what they are thinking, feeling, and what is happening to them (being done by others) and addressing it (not through yelling, screaming,etc) It's a good lesson in some aspects to see why the child never told..because no one would listen to him...he was expected to listen to their crap.

Anonymous said...

Great book! I recommend it. It brilliantly illustrates the process of getting a young, innocent boy on the path of becoming homosexual. It mirrows me accurately during my teen years. It also shows reversal from this path or reorientation is possible, Sciences have never proved the biology of homosexuality, noone is born gay and Homosexuality has nothing to do with sex, it has only to do with un-met emotional needs during childhood and adolescense. It is reversable for many, many people, specialy the young and immature. People who find this book offensive do so because they have inner, unresolved conflicts. To not accept the facts exposed by the author is to deny onself of the true as one needs to do in order to justify their (homosexual) behavior. Thanks Richard Cohen for this honest truth revealing book.