Sunday, 5 August 2007

KJV Idalotry

You know the people. Those people who insist that the KJV is the Only True Translation(TM) of the Bible and that all others are wrong, wrong, wrong, and most likely of the Devil.

I mean, for a start, the KJV isn't even a good translation, particularly in the New Testament, as it was based off very late manuscripts. Another problem with using the KJV as a translation is that it is very literal, and translates the (often!) euphemisms rather than the meaning. For instance, that famous "know" in Genesis 19, or "touch a woman" in 1 Corinthians 7--Paul probably means "touch" in the sense of sex or marriage rather than "touch" in the normal sense. Yet another problem with the KJV is you need to know old English to understand some of it. Obviously, some words don't mean the same now as they did in 1611. You'd think that would be obvious.

And another thing--you'd think the fundamentalists would like to use a Bible that translates "malakoi arsenokoitai" as "homosexuals"(1 Corinthians 6.9).(Although it does use "sodomite" in a few random places in the OT.) Of course, using the KJV to bash gays is a bit problematic--just leaves the annoying person in the thread to point out that King James was gay.

Often it gets the the point where it's just KJV worship. KJVOers, remember that second commandment!

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